Updated March 26th 2003

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Peter Madison's submissions to irishpirates.com

Peter Madison has worked on radio since many of us were but wee things. He spent time with the BBC, but most of us will remember him from his work on Irish radio stations, ten in all, which included Nova, Sunshine, Boyneside and even 70's stations like Big D 273! Peter has offered to contribute some of his "memoirs", part of a book he's writing called RETRO-4-RADIO, to irishpirates.com, and we're chuffed. We'll keep adding excerpts if he keeps sending them! You can read some of that here.
Peter has been waiting for a heart bi-pass which it appears he'll have quite soon. We wish him the best of luck.

In other news, we'd like to say hello to Mike Mahon, who I remember as a young lad who virtually ran Energy 103 in Dublin in the 80's! It got a stage where he was so helpful in the operational aspects of Energy, that we couldn't imagine him not being there. Mike went on to work at Tara Television. That eventually closed, and he is presently in the tourism industry. Great to get an email from you Mike.

In the next entry on this site we'll be showing you some interesting photo's taken at Energy 103 in 1987! Stay tuned.

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