Updated February 1st 2003, Sydney Australia

I'm angry!Q10 WHO? 

Martin Block, former Chief Executive of Lite FM.
Funny, he used to have really curly long hair and wear a scarf. In fact he looked like Dr. Who!

It was with subdued amusement that I learned that Lite FM in Dublin are to change their name to Q102. And with the blessing of the BCI! Now let me think about this for a minute. Q102...Hang on! Wasn't there a station in Dublin in the 80's called Q102? Oh yeah, it's all coming back to me now!

That guy. What's his name? Eh, oh yes, Martin Block. He was involved in the "real" Q102, was he not? Oh, and Scott Williams "in the morning" was a big shot on the "real" Q102 also. Gee. What a coincidence! They're both directly involved in Lite FM! Oh hang on, Martin Block has left. Sorry. Anyway, what next guys? Super Q? Top 40 hits? But oh no! You can't do that! You're licenced as an easy listening station, REMEMBER? Are all the boys at the BCI under 20 years old or do they not remember the "real" Q102? Hmmm...The mind boggles.

I worked on Q102 when I was a little boy. In fact I started the news service there on day one. I'll tell you what guys, I think if you're going this far, why not go the whole hog, eh? I believe Lawrence John is wandering about up North. Jason Mayne seems to be free at the moment. Chris Barry is working with Sean McCarthy (Gary Hamill) on IrishVox.com. There's two in one for you! John Kenny is at 2FM (might be a hard one to poach, eh?). Emm... Andrew Hanlon (David "jingles" Johnson) is at TV3, should be easy to poach. Lets grab Mike Hogan (Micky Joe) while we're at it, and Henry Owens. Then put in a top 40 format (I'm sure the BCI won't mind) and hey presto! Q102 is back!
Pic courtesy radiowaves.fm

Hilarious the things folks do to get the old ratings up!

PS: Oh shit! I nearly forgot! Anyone got a copy of the Q102 jingle package from the 80's? They'll definately be needing that!

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The closedown of Q102 in Dublin in 1988. 17 minutes of Martin Block closing the original Q102 with station owner Pierre Doyle, Bob Gallico, Scott Williams Breakfast Show, Mike Hogan, Jason Mayne, George Long, Brian Jennings, and Dave Kelly. Martin Block is clearly very nervous interviewing Pierre Doyle. Click here for audio

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