Born 1986 - Died 1988

Tony McKenzie in Energy103 1986.

Energy103 building in mid 1986.

Would you like to hear a 10 minute programme on the history of Energy 103? Click here!

1987 28.39 min Listen!

The Dublin Today programme - made famous on Radio Nova some years earlier - ends up back on the new Nova Power 103FM station (see info for file below). This is the full 24 minute show, and you'll be intreagued by Mr. Chris Cary being interviewed by Sybil Fennell. IMPORTANT! THIS IS A LARGE FILE AND MAY TAKE TIME TO DOWNLOAD! IF YOU SIMPLY CLICK ON IT, IT MAY NOT START TO PLAY FOR UP TO 10 MINUTES. BE PATIENT. IT'S WORTH IT! IF YOU RIGHT-CLICK AND SELECT "SAVE-AS" YOU'LL SEE THE PROGRESS OF ITS DOWNLOAD.

1987 10.48 min Listen!


More on this from Paul Buckle:

The return of NOVA, from a listeners point of view ! was November 1987, I was studying for Christmas exams (well in theory anyway) and Energy was the station I listened to most. Then, one afternoon tuning along the dial, a test tone leapt out around 100 FM. This is was one hell of a strong signal, I lived 3 miles south of Belfast and the little signal meter on my radio usually sat at 1 or 2 when listening to the Dublin stations, now it was  sitting at a solid 3. Don't know why but yes, it actually did cross my mind the moment I heard it, that it might be NOVA returning. Not long after (a week maybe ?) the tone was replaced by non -stop music, then, Energy's News, became IRN Ireland.... my suspicions grew.  The mysterious signal on 100 shifted to 99.9 and suddenly jingles and a DJ appeared. Now, I personally only ever heard one person on NOVA the Hot 100 - there could well have been others, but the only person I have on my recordings is the voice of then Energy News Reader, Niall MaGowen, though oddly he didn't say who he was. This went on for a few days, with IRN Ireland providing the news on the hour and one or two commercials going to air, then while eating my breakfast on Wednesday (hey - I was a student !) I noticed Energy's top of hour was missing as they went into the news....
The news outro wasn't the usual Energy 103 jingle, it was the Radio Nova one from years ago.....

Click "listen" link above to hear recordings from that day.
Paul Buckle,

1987 34 sec Listen!

This has got to be THE worst ever voiceover I ever did (me being George Long) for a commercial on Energy!!

1986 0:38 sec Listen!

"We need toys for underprivaliged kids...."

Here's a promo for EnergyCare '86, helping the kids of Dublin

1987 1:26 min Listen!

"John O'Hara launching you into that brand new top 40 ... ."

John O'Hara and Gary Hamill ham it up on a two-handed breakfast show on Energy 103. This had a very different feel to it, with comparison to other brekky shows. Note, there's quite a bit more audio of this breakfast show further down the page.

1987 2:02 min Listen!

"Kiwi fruit, the miracle fruit that makes you look younger and healthier... ."

From the breakfast show on Energy 103, this is Pat Courtenay, Bob Gallico and Lisa Moore, who did a very professional (and funny!) job of waking the people of Dublin up each morning. Lisa Moore now works under her real name of Fionualla Sweeney on CNN. There are another couple of hours of The Energy Breakfast Club on Bob's own sub-site so you simply must CLICK HERE!

1986 1:43 sec Listen!
This is a good selection of jingles from Energy 103. Good quality too!

1986 2:02 min Listen!

"All of the professional broadcast equipment in use here at Radio Nova will be offered for sale at auction..."

Sybil (Fennell's) "commanding and convincing" voice is heard here reading news with Gary Hamill. It seems the stations equipment was being sold. It was to be sold March 27th 1986. The station was ID-ing itself as Radio Nova at the time.

1986 1:00 min Listen!


okay, so this is no more than the sound of a call-tone coming on 103FM, but its important in that it was Energy's first ever broadcast. This preceeded a very successful radio station!

"Early Energy" with John O'Hara and Gary Hamill in 1986
"The Energy World Cup betline is now open..."
Four clips of John O'Hara on the Early Energy show with Gary Hamill reading news, and inviting listeners to call in on the "betline".

"Energy 103 rocks Dublin.. with the BIG hits...don't forget your clutter-free votes..."
John O'Hara talks of the traffic in Dublin. A promo follows. The words "clutter-free" remind people that this used to be Radio Nova.
"Oh yeah, give me my guitar...what are you giggling at? little giggler...!
Gary Hamill giggling at John O'Hara. They made a good team together on Energy.

1986 1:04 min Listen!

"Thanks very much for having me back, its been a long time..."

Gareth O'Callaghan returns home to Dublin after working on British radio for a couple of years. Dave "jingles" Johnson reads the news. Ahh, they were the days!

1986 1:33 min Listen!

"Tony McKenzie keeps it right here!"

The sound of Radio Nova! This must have confused the hell out of the listeners, with Energy103 shooting out Nova jingles. Gary Hamill reads the news headlines with racy music in the background. Bay area weather.

1986 31 sec Listen!

"They're still very much into the dress in London, Boy George..."

Gary Hamill spinning the records (or more likely carts!) in the heady days of Energy103

1986 1:04 min Listen!

"Could you get that little tune?"

Gerry Stevens has a chat. Then Gareth O'Callaghan is heard...Top of the hour jingle leading to News.

1986 1:15 min Listen!

"Who's been jerking around with me this morning??!!"

Gary Hamill is now doing the Top of the Hour jingle. Some weird sounding ads. Tony McKenzie is on the air and some music came out instead of the news, so "its a bowl of custard over the head" for them!

1986 38 sec Listen!

"Saturday evening Energy with Gary Hamill..."

Some cool tunes here...This was at a time when both George and Gary would often do saturday evening presenter shifts, although they did news reading during the week.


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