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Three ex-Radio Nova Broadcasters are on radio-irish.com! Sean McCarthy (Gary Hamill), Bob Gallico and Henry O'Donovan (George Long - thats me folks!)


Henry O'Donovan

Leon Tiplers "The Irish Pirates"

Leon in his younger days

It's September 1983 and Leon heads to Dublin from the west and interviews Sybil Fennel from Radio Nova. Subjects discussed are publicity, Carey's image in the media, Nova TV, RTE's "war on Nova", amongst other musings. Chris Carey is also interviewed. Anyway, just listen to it!

Stream Leon Tipler's "The Irish Pirates" here!

Leon Tipler (also spelt Tippler) was born in Kidderminster in 1943. Like so many of the inductees to The Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame Leon was first heard on that training ground for new talent, Radio City. But it was when he transferred to Radio 270 that his career took off. Alternating Breakfast Show duties with Paul Burnett , he won a large following in the north and midlands. He left, along with Alex Dee and Andy Kirk , in November 1966 but returned towards the end of the station's life and presented programmes under the name of Phil Oaker . A skilled producer and impressionist, Leon broadcast offshore again during 1974 on the Belgian-owned Radio Atlantis. Leon provided a show he recorded at home called The Nightmare Affair , where he featured as two different people: “Scott Mitchell” and “Gabby Hernandez Omilado.” Since then he has worked as a commercial producer and voice-over, been heard on Sunshine 855 in Shropshire, and is currently presenting Leon Tipler's World of Music every Sunday evening on Radio Maldwyn - The Magic 756 . (With thanks to Edward Waterson, Nigel Knapton and Mike Coller for their help.) Courtesy of offshoreradio.uk





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