Bob Gallico in Magic 103 1985
Pic courtesy of The DX Archive

The Magic 103 consol
Pic courtesy of The DX Archive

1985 0:15 sec Listen!

This is interesting. Magic 103 does some text jingles before they officially go on the air. I don't think they actually used these once the station started up. Not that I can remember anyway!

1985 1:03 min Listen!

Bob Gallico and Peter Madison do "Mid-Morning Magic" on Magic 103. It gained a small but very loyal audience. Peter Madison is a very funny man, as is Bob! You can hear how well they worked together. Brilliant broadcasting, this. There are anorher 6 clips of Mid Morning Magic on Bob's own sub-site so you simply must CLICK HERE!

1985 1:03 min Listen!

"Magic 103 is now closing for the night..."

Magic 103 was a great little radio station, and a close team too. Bob Gallico did a classical music programme at one stage, the breakfast show at another time. George Long (me!) did evenings, 7pm 'till 1am. This is a closedown clip. Magic had great potential and was gaining a small, but very loyal audience. (This is me, the guy who organises this website!)

1985 9 sec Listen!

Magic 103 TOTH (Top Of The Hour) jingle. Soooooo sweet!


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