Welcome to our media page. Here you can listen to longer audio files from the days of Irish pirate radio in programme format presented by George Long. You'll also be able to hear specialist programmes which were broadcast in that era. These programmes are downloaded by using real player.

NOVA ANNIVERSARY 1984-1988 14.05 min Listen!
Details This is a special on the closedown of Radio Nova in 1983. It also includes audio of the 1986 closedown. It's all good fun!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION! This file only works for 7 minutes because the file became corrupt. I will try find the original and fix it, but listen to it anyway because it's quite funny!

Q102 - PART 2 1984-1988 17.50 min Listen!
Details History of Q102 second take - audio of Mike Hogan, manager of SuperQ, Pierre Doyle, owner, and Martin Block, amongst others. This is a good listen!

Q102 - PART 1 1984-1988 9:25 min Listen!
Details History of Q102 first take. Clips of Chris Barry Breakfast Show with George Long reading news. .

ENERGY 103 1986-1987 13:42 min Listen!
Details History of Energy 103 first take. Clips from Energy 103's Breakfast Show with Pat Courtenay, Bob Gallico and Lisa Moore. A number of promotion audio files and Newsreader intakes.
RADIO NOVA 1980-1984 9:36 min Listen!
Details History of Radio Nova first take. Clips from the "Brekkie Trekkie" with Bob Gallico and Declan Meehan. The jamming of Nova by Irish National Broadcaster RTE. Disco Nova. Tony Allan voiceovers.

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