Peter Madison

Hello Lovies!
"Bucket of Water for Mister Long!"
Wow, it's a distinct honour to be invited onto this prestigious web-site and pen a few well-chosens up here with all these Irish Radio Stars!

Even more so because it's the third time in as many months that I've been rediscovered!
First, I was searched for, and found, as 'Mac Peters' and placed in the Offshore Radio Hall of Fame and I don't really deserve to be amongst those notable Watery Wireless heroes. I was the world's worst sea jock!
Secondly, an old pal from my BBC local radio days put me on Radio2XS' missing persons site, and No, I didn't owe him money!

The third nice surprise was receiving e-mails from Tony Allan, Terry Vacani, Steve Marshall and your web-master - Long by name and long in talent! (Yes, I'm still a crawler!) And all this from putting my toe in the warm inviting Manx waters of Chris Cary dot com!

Those of you that know I'm writing my 'memoirs' need not rush for the brown trousers, I promise you I'm being as kind to you as you were to me!

It is good to remember those Irish Pirate days. I'm sure that all who worked in those stations will agree that, in the balance, the good times were 50/50 with the bad … but with hindsight, we love to remember the good times. 'Those Were The Days' as Hairy Mopkin used to sing, and who wouldn't like a second lick at the mopkin right now!
I played 7" singles, and the fool, on ten Irish pirate gigs, four of them twice. (Boyneside, Sunshine, Nova & Big Dee.) Is this a record or a blatant abuse of the listeners' ears?

I did try to retire, … honestly! I live happily in the wild West of Ireland nowadays, some might say, 'a sad old git - living in the past', but I'd like to add just one more station to my CV before I go to meet that great programme Director in the sky.

(No, no, no, Rupert Murdoch, don't call your lawyer!)
Looking back, and knowing what raving pooffters many of you are, its best to have eyes in the back of ones head, I worked with the good and fought with the bad. There is really only one pirate boss that I'd willingly work for again, I'll leave you to guess, and if I may be allowed just the following soap box rant ….
Remove all those F*****g trades unions from the wireless biz,
And dump all that 'country and cowshite' from all playlists!

Bust Washes, Buckets of Water and a large 'Shirley Bassey' to you all,
From 'The Teenage Pensioner', Peter Madison.

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