Gerry Steves in the Q102 studio
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1987 14 min Listen!

"Who will be the tenth caller for the 6,200 pound givaway???... ."

Q102 became the station with the largest cah giveaway, overstepping Nova's five thousand pound giveaway. We hear callers number one to ten, the tenth being the winner.. There are hours more of The Q102 Breakfast show on Bob's own sub-site so you simply must CLICK HERE!

1984 2:04 min Listen!
Greg Gaughran does the breakfast show on Q102 in 1984, with Anne Cassin on News. A little bit of blurb on who is optomistic about the future amongst other things.

1984 1:04 min Listen!

This is from the early days at Q102 in Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2. Theres a TOTH jingle and a jingle for Jason Mayne. These were the very early days and I was a newsreader when this went out. Anne Cassin (now working for RTE) was also a newsreader. Ah, they were the days!!! Hey, we need MORE Q102 stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

1986 1:52 min q102dublin.ram not currently available

"two more flats now on our flatline..."

A couple of ads. on this clips showing the callibre of commercials they were able to pull. Gary Hamill review of papers..John Kenny jingle followed by his now famous "matter-of-fact" style on radio

1986 38 sec Listen!

"Local and world news on thursday evening..."

Gary Hamill at the Q102 newsdesk, followed by a Greg Goughran jingle. This was just before the "superq" days.


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