1979 08.10 sec Listen!

Eddie West on ARD , Eddie looks at whats on in theatre in Dublin, plays some memorable songs, and generally brings us back to those heady days of the original pirates in Ireland. We believe this is from 1979, but could be earlier. A stolen car is reported by Eddie! Ahhh...the innocent "local" days of radio! Amd CHRIS BARRY is on next!!!

1979? 22 sec Listen!

"20 minutes past the hour of 11 oclock here on ARD..."

Remember back in the 70's when DJ's used to spend most of their time telling the time? This is a quaint reflection on those heady youthful days of irish pirates!

1979? 52 sec Listen!

"This is Aiden Cooney wish you a very pleasant sunday..."

The signal on this is not great. It kinda reminds us that in those days transmitters were sticking out of windows and on people's roofs and the broadcast quality was pretty appauling.

1979 1:20 min Listen!

"We are number one in Dublin and you put us there..."

Okay, so in this set of jingles, the ARD song that rings out was also ringing out for about twenty other pirate stations in Ireland at the time! Having said that, the jingle is hi energy and pretty damn cool!

1978 1:20 min not currently online

"ARD appeal on behalf of needy families this Christmas..."

ARD has its Christmas appeal. Promo for Operation Santa! Santa gets carried around Dublin on a stretcher. Mention of Chris Barry coming on next. Who is this DJ? [EMAIL]

1979 39 sec Listen!
"We are ARD, number one in Dublin..."
Tony Allen V/O with "sounds that you want to hear" jingle bed.


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