KISSFM studio 3

KISSFM studio 2

1986 4 min 35 sec


Why the different background colour? Because these are different Kiss FM's! That is, other than the biggest Dublin one in Herbert street, which is the rest of the audio down the page. This is Kiss FM from 1986 - four years after the Nova Kiss in 1982. This station had nothing to do with Nova as far as I know. Tell me if you know better. I see Colm Mooney is on there though...

1982 3 min 30 sec

KissBrekky Show with (who?) and Bob Gallico back in 1982.

1982 2 min 23 sec

KissFM sounding less than I would have expected. If anyone knows more about who these people are, can they contact us here at There's an American accent. Who is he? Not Bob I'm pretty sure.

1982 2 min 57 sec

Ken Hammond reading the news in 1982. Interesting hearing the topics of the time.

1983 16 sec Listen!

"The common market...yes them.."

Tony Allen talking about the common market making us all put our clocks forward and back at the same time across Europe each year..

1983 08 sec Listen!

This is one top of the hour I.D. jingle of Kiss FM with the voice of Chris Cary

1984 57 sec Listen!

"Say goodbye to 102.7 kiss fm...and say hello to radio nova.."
KissFM becomes Radio Nova on January 15th 1984 at midnight. DJ doing a promo for the station name-change. Little bit of John Clarke at the end of this one.

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radio nova
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