NO IDEA! 26 sec Listen!

This is a file split into two. Audio of Radio West (not sure where that was) and then Gareth O'Callaghan on Energy 103 when I worked there in 1987.

And this from one of our readers Jimmy Gowran. Thanks Jimmy.

"Radio west broadcast from mullingar,it was owned by sean coyne,they had a mast on a hill out side of tyrrellspass.the late don allen worked on the station'every evening he would present a country music show.he helped a lot of country singers to get aerplay encluding country star john west moved to tullamore,with a name changeradio west103 later to be baught out by an english company.they put up a mast on the slive bloom mountain in county laois,which covered all of the midlands.and they named itmidlands radio3,it is now known as midlands103 with brand new studios in tullamore, they also have studios in mullingar and athlone.covering laois offaly and westmeath"

We are seeking both audio and images of Radio Dublin from the eighties. If you can help, please email us here!


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