1983 (ish) 26 sec Listen!

On 105fm there is little info available on this station. Mention of Christy Shelly. Have you any info on this station? [email]

I have received an email from Joseph Rossa regarding this station and would like to share that with you, hoping he doesn't mind! Here it is:

Giving the week that is in it, with the passing of Chris, I have being surfing the net looking at NOVA related stuff and came across your site. I listened to the snip of audio on RDCR and I simply had to mail you with some info.

RDCR started its life as Ballymun Community Radio in 1982. It moved into the old ARD building at 1 north Fredrick Street and called itself Royal Dublin Community Radio. This was in early 1983. After a short while and giving the fact that the “Royal” did not go well with listeners they changed to DCR or Dublin Community Radio. They moved to Dorset Street in early 1984.

The station remained this way until 1985 when it shut down and moved operations to Foley Street and came back using the name KissFM. "

If anyone has information on any radio from the 1980's please let us know! Even better, any audio recordings you have, please send them to us so we can continue to have the largest archive of audio from radio in the 80's on the net. And thanks Joseph!


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