I am delighted to be able to supply you with most of the video taken of the closedown of Radio Nova in the early 80's. Here we will show you an interview with Robbie Robinson and Chris Cary on RTE Television also. Enjoy!

In the studio on the closedown of Nova in 1983. Robbie Dale (Robinson) from Sunshine radio goes to his biggest competitor Radio Nova's studios and talks on air. There are scenes of Greg Gaughran, Ken Hammond, Mike Hogan and many others in this clip.

More of the above, but at this point we see veteran broadcaster Tony Allan sitting in the hotseat and in total awe of the thousands of people who gathered outside the stations offices in Herbert street to say goodbye to their friend Radio Nova. 23 year old head of News Sybil Fennell talks to Declan Meehan on air.


Closedown part three...Mainly Tony Allan on the air. Crowds shouting "nova, nova". It is now six o'clock. The station must close down. Scenes from the street, where thousands have gathered.

Colm Hays and Hugh O'Brien having a chat to camera. Kiss FM was also closed down, and the guys talk about Kiss. Bob Gallico chats about the whole thing. "I'd like to think of it not so much the end of things, but the beginning of better things" he says. Hugh O'Brien pays tribute to the news team.

Chris Cary (Nova) and Robbie Robinson (sunshine radio) talk on Ireland's national broadcaster RTE TV1 to defend their stations. "Are you telling me you would not have got a job on Radio Nova had you not worked for RTE?" asks a rather cheeky Chris Cary to the presenter of Today Tonight. In a remarkably boring twist, the deputy Director General of RTE Vincent Finn starts bullshitting on about nothing! Don't worry, we didn't include that part of the programme LOL!


Here is Nova's video promotion with audio by Colm Hays. "The station of the 90's" is what they were calling it, which seems strange back in the mid eighties! Greg Gaughran tries his hand at a bit of acting as he goes into their "luxurious reception area", puts down a piece of paper on the table and walks out. Hilarious! Head of music John Clark is interviewed. Tony Allan is well-dressed while he talks to potential advertisers. This is great fun to watch! Great to see my old mate Tony McKenzie in there, on the air. Fascinating to see good old tireless Paul Cotter, Nova's engineer in this video too.


Sybil Fennell, head of news on Radio Nova, does what she does best on the ill-fated Nova TV. Yes! Nova owner Chris Cary decided it would be fun to set up a TV station, but the Irish authorities freaked out, and the TV station was quickly dismantled - oh but what good fun! Setting up your own TV station! Chris I'm jealous. Only in Ireland could you get away with this!

From May 25th 1983, this is an RTE Television News report on pirate radio station Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio's Robbie Robinson appears. The stations had been closed down days earlier, but both Nova and Sunshine came back on air two days later. Cathel McCabe, a producer at RTE Radio Two goes on (and on, and on!) about how the pirates don't pay royalties and how fantastic Radio 2 is...hilarious!

This is an RTE NEWS TV report on the irish pirate closedowns. Don Cockburn, veteran news broadcaster does a couple of stories on it. Radio Nova in Rathfarnham is closed down by The Posts and Telegraphs, Ireland's government body responsible for broadcasting in the early eighties. Shane McGowan (now a newsreader on RTE 2 FM I believe) is seen in this news report. A 50 Kilowatt transmitter was confiscated by the police. Nova claimed 60 jobs would be lost, and claimed he could have been given adequate time to close the station properly. There are other news reports, including the raids on Sunshine radio in Portmarnock.



This is another take on the closedown of Nova in 1983, supplied by megawatts1066 to the Youtube service.

This is a video posted to YouTube by Radiorasher. It's fun with jingles and photos!


Mostly pictures of Sunshine protesters, with stickers of all the stations at the time, and jingles playing while you watch!


This is really interesting. Fianna Fail and pirate radio in to understand!


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